Why is an IMTC Distance Learning Program Right For You?

Save Time and Money

Enrolling in a distance learning class at IMTC means you don’t have to waste time commuting back and forth to get the education you need to succeed on the Internet.  This saves you both time and money.

Learn When You Want To

You learn when you want to. Are you a night owl? Great! You can log in and learn in the middle of the night if you want to. Are you an early bird? That’s great too. You can do your training while having your morning coffee. Simply put, you can work on your assignments whenever you want to and it doesn’t have to effect other things you have going on in your personal and professional life.

You Set the Pace

Our distance learning classes are known as “asynchronous”. This means you don’t have to show up online at any particular time or day. It also means you can work fast, slow or at just about any pace that suits you (within reason). You aren’t in a race with anyone. You set a personal schedule that gets you progress, yet doesn’t cause stress or failure in other parts of your life.

Live or Travel Anywhere

Through IMTC’s distance learning program you can get the best Internet Marketing education available while living anywhere you want, or you can even be traveling the world, or on vacation and still keep up with your studies. You don’t even have to be in the same country. All you need is a computer and access to the Internet and you are on your way. You can even log in from an Internet café or even from your smart phone.

Save and Make Money

Since you don’t have to move to a distant city to attend classes, you save tons of money on housing, transportation, food and all the other miscellaneous expenses needed to successfully attend school on campus. You can also keep up a full or part-time job to keep the money rolling in while you’re learning.

Better Computer Skills

As you work through our distance learning program your computer skills will undoubtedly increase. These new skills will transfer to all the computer work you do and we all know that computers are an integral part of our daily lives so you’ll get a double benefit from attending IMTC.


If you have any kind of physical, mobility, or accessibility issues, then IMTC is perfect for you. You won’t have to commute to our campus, worry about getting into our classrooms or even sitting at an uncomfortable desk. Part of what IMTC teaches is the Internet Lifestyle where you can live and work from anywhere that’s comfortable to you. If that means your desk at home, a wheelchair or even from bed, you can learn and earn with a computer, an Internet connection and the knowledge you’ll get at IMTC. Also, if you do have any of the issues mentioned above, your Internet marketing skills make you a much more valuable home worker for small and large companies who need these services, but don’t want to pay exorbitant prices for them.


When you enroll in a distance learning course at IMTC you’ll have the opportunity to interact with students from different cultures around the world. One minute you might be adding to our wiki along with students from Australia, Korea and India. The next minute you might be chatting with a student from Latvia or New Zealand.

Another benefit of distance learning to students is the ability to do interactive teamwork between groups. Students have the opportunity to correspond with others from different backgrounds and to hear from a variety of speakers from around the world.

You Still Get the Best
Research results have consistently shown when you attend a good distance learning school like IMTC, that there is no difference in the quality of the education you get when comparing it to traditional on campus education. When you consider all the other benefits of distance learning, you can enjoy the total lifestyle flexibility without compromising the quality of your education.

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