Click here for our free Community Service webinars

Click here for our free Community Service webinars

Are you ready for your future? Our doors are open.

Got Internet? Now bend it to your will.

Welcome to the Internet. It has become the hub of our world. You buy, sell, play and learn on the Internet. We use social networks to stay in touch, to discover new products, to read about our idols and gurus. There has never been a better time to learn how to use the Internet to make money.

Internet Marketing: What is it? And why do you care?

Internet Marketing is the key to having a website seen by thousands . . . if not millions of people. Internet Marketing is what makes getting FOUND on the Internet possible at all. Social Networking, Search Engine Optimization, Blogs….. Learn exactly what it all means and how best to use it for yourself or your company. Redefine the Internet Landscape so that your mountaintop is clearly visible to all.

Learn Online with our Distance Education program

As a Distance Education student you will have ample opportunity to interact with your peers and the faculty. Discussion, demonstration of knowledge through exams, and finally an individual project created from scratch will constitute the bulk of your grades.

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