Mission Statement (Traditional)

The school focuses on giving individuals the practical state-of-the-art skills needed to work in the Internet marketing field and to apply the skills to their own entrepreneurial websites. This will be accomplished worldwide in our distance learning division by a combination of lessons on an asynchronous basis which will incorporate active and responsive student / teacher interaction, through phone, email, discussion forums, audio, video, and student to student interaction on blogs, discussion boards and wikis.

We are dedicated to giving our students a high degree of instruction based on solid and current Internet standards and research and pledge that our program offerings will directly support this mission.

Mission Statement (Plain and Simple)

IMTC will teach you to “kick it” on the Internet. Start your own business . . . ¬†Work for a big company . . . We don't care which . . . All we care about is teaching you where to ethically click and kick it to make money online.

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