Course Descriptions

OL=Online Course

NOTE: Each course consists of at least 16 classes and each class is made up of lessons.  Each lesson may require hours of reviewing online materials and viewing video tutorials, completing several hours of assignments/ project creation and participating in our scheduled webinars and teleclassses.  Our faculty is available by phone or email during the course of normal business hours and will be happy to assist you in any way they can.  

Internet Marketing 101 & 101-OL:
Website/Blog Design, Creation, Tools & Optimization 

This course will cover the details of website / blog design and creation, starting with selection of the correct domain name, and hosting. Students will be introduced to the selection and proper use of effective keywords, keyword tools and meta-tags. Other lessons include shopping carts, autoresponders, website navigation, linking strategies, placement of information, formatting, optimization, merchant accounts and social networking tie-ins.

1A. IMTC Orientation – Your first class will show you how to navigate our school portal, build your profile, and make friends, send emails, sign up for classes and more.

1B. Keywords – Keywords are the words and phrases people use in search engines to find the information they need. How you use keywords in your website, dictates how effectively your website will come up in the search results.

1C. Domain Name Selection – There’s a lot more to selecting a domain name for your website than you might think. Branding, keywords and how easy the name is for people to remember all play a part.

1D. Website Hosting – A hosting company is where your website is parked so that people can access it. What kind of host you choose dictates the load speed and usability for your website.

1E. Website Development – This class shows you the How and Why of building your own inexpensive website. The information you take away from these lessons will make you an invaluable asset to an employer.

1F. Website Formatting – The use of graphics, fonts and design elements affect how your visitors will perceive your website and how easy it will be to use.

1G. Website Navigation – How easy is it for your visitors to get around your website? This class teaches the time-tested techniques to making a website user-friendly.

1H. META Tags – This is the code that’s ‘behind the scenes’ of a website. Most visitors never see it, but search engines do. They use this information to help in the search engine results placement.

1I. Search Engine Optimization – Where the keywords on a website are placed, how often you use them and how ‘friendly’ the web pages are to the search engines will create a more successful business.

1J. Link Strategy – What kinds of websites are linking to yours? Can they help send you qualified traffic? Who is linking to you and how, is one of the biggest factors search engines look for in good placement.

1K. Shopping Carts – This is the heart and soul of e-commerce. Understanding online shopping carts gives you the power to sell anything on the web for yourself or any other business.

1L. Autoresponders – These automated emails to your customers help sell more products, brand your business in their minds and offer invaluable customer service. This is ‘must know’ information for all successful marketers.

1M. Merchant Accounts – These are the providers that process online payments from a website into a bank account. This class teaches the ins and outs of this often complicated e-commerce structure.

1N. Social Networking – Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest and Instagram have taken the world by storm. Businesses all over the world use these services daily to promote their products. Learn to use social media successfully.

1O. Semester 101 Electives – Six, hands-on lessons from the real world of Internet Marketing. These electives show you little known techniques to help your business and make more money online.

1P. Final Exam – Semester 101

Internet Marketing 102 & 102-OL: Internet Product Design and Creation Copywriting & List Building

(Pre-Requisite Internet Marketing 101)

Internet Marketing 102 will cover developing responsive email opt-in databases, advanced blogging techniques, cost-effective marketing tools, video production, basic copywriting, profitable sales letters, and creating marketing materials. The course will explore the effective use of search engine and directory optimization techniques and how to utilize them in Internet marketing. Creation of digital products such as MP3 files, online courses, and e-Books will also be covered, as well as an introduction to both membership sites and affiliate programs.

2A. Semester 102 Electives – Six additional hands-on learning modules that teach you time and money saving short-cuts that any business can use.

2B. Creating Marketing Material – Offline marketing strategies are critical to the success of an online business. Television spots, brochures, business cards and books are used daily by online businesses around the world.

2C. Basic Copywriting – Writing for the web is vastly different than writing for print ads. How you convey your sales message and how you push a visitor’s ‘emotional triggers’ are the key to get them to buy.

2D. Profitable Sales Letters – This class teaches the deep content and strategies for selling anything online. Successful sales letters have critical elements to sway a visitor’s buying decisions.

2E. Creating E-Books – The sales of digital books, Kindle and PDF files is big business. Learn how to navigate the waters of writing, formatting, selling and delivering of these very profitable products.

2F. Creating E-Courses – This product can lead to larger sales in your business, lead to increased branding and distribute valuable information all over the world for high profits.

2G. Creating MP3 Files – iPods, podcasts or just listening on the web, MP3 is the main product that distributes audio to everyone. This class makes the creation, editing and selling of MP3 a breeze.

2H. Basic Video Production – Video production is the process of producing video content. Equipment, Scripting, and best practices will be covered. 

2I. Cost Effective Marketing Tools – There are thousands of free and cheap tools online to help your business run smoother. These are the shortcuts that have been used by successful marketers everywhere.

2J. Finding Targeted Traffic – Regular website traffic is ok, but visitors that want exactly what you have to sell is better. Where are these hungry customers? How can you drive them to your websites? This class makes it clear.

2K. Advanced SEO – Building a site map for a website, using keywords in video and image files and how often you use them are just a few of the tricks to get search engines to love your website.

2L. Blogging Blogs are where 65% of all web searchers get their information online. This is a goldmine for businesses to sell, promote, offer information and connect with their customers. If you’re not blogging correctly, you’re missing out on the hottest website marketing technique today.

2M. List Building – An email database of customers has long been the gold mine for businesses to make money. How you collect their names and addresses online changes rapidly. Learn the newest techniques for building an email list.

2N. Intro to Membership Sites – From dating sites to gaming sites, customers sign up for monthly membership subscriptions every day. Learn how to attract visitors to your membership sites and keep them there for good.

2O. Intro to Affiliate Programs – Selling another business person’s services or products is huge money. Learn to make commissions on the sales of other people’s hard work and promotions.

2P. Final Exam – Semester 102

Internet Marketing 103 & 103-OL:
Advanced Website/Blog, Affiliate Program and Product Marketing

(Pre-Requisites Internet Marketing 101 & 102)

This third Internet marketing course will build upon Internet Marketing 101 and Internet Marketing 102. Lessons include advanced marketing techniques to effectively sell and deliver a wide range of products on the Internet. Other topics covered will be video marketing, podcasting, ethics, joint ventures, sponsored ads, analytics, list management, mobile marketing, sales funnels, conversion techniques, syndication, content marketing and webinars. Students will learn the “Street Smart” secrets of social proof, online customer service and crowdfunding.

3A. Semester 103 Electives – Six additional hands-on learning modules that teach you time and money saving short-cuts that any business can use.

3B. Pay Per Click and Sponsored Ads – You see them all of the time: those ads on Google and Facebook that show up on the top and right hand sides of search result pages. How do you make them and how much do they cost?

3C. Forums, Discussion Boards and Comments – You can carefully promote yourself and your products at the places where visitors gather and have fun. Learn the techniques of doing it the right way.

3D. Video Marketing – Online video is quickly replacing text-based web pages as the information vehicle of choice. 3 billion videos are viewed every day on Youtube alone. Learn how to use the web tool of the future. 

3E. Understanding Analytics – Knowing what keywords people typed into a search engine and which links they clicked on to get to your site is critical in your website’s success. Learn to analyze the results of the web.

3F. Joint Venturing – Partnering up with other business people and having them promote your products and you theirs, can create a massive amount of sales, commissions and sign-ups for you both. Learn how it’s done.

3G. List Management – How do you effectively market to your database? What can you do about all of that spam? Running your database email programs the correct way will save you time, money and big headaches.

3H. International Website Marketing – The web is a global marketplace. Your customers are no longer around the corner or down the street. They’re from all over the world. Learn to understand another culture’s language and habits.

3I. Mobile Marketing – Most people access the web from their phones and mobile devices, and the numbers grow every day. How do you know if your website can sell effectively? How will it look on a mobile device? Learn how it’s done.

3J. Teleseminars and Webinars – These fun, interactive and effective teaching tools have taken the world by storm. Teaching and coaching your customers over the web and by phone is big business

3K. Sales Funnels and Conversions – How you lead visitors from sign-ups to sales should be properly planned out. This class teaches the structure for making conversions.

3L. Ethics – Internet marketing consists of many different types of methods to gain traffic and promote products. This class focuses on some methods that may hurt your website and how to avoid this.

3M. Street Smart Secrets of Marketing – There are web marketing strategies that have been time-tested over the years. This class is an introduction to the little known techniques we have developed for the most sales.

3N. Content Marketing and Syndication – Knowing how to get traffic is only half the battle. Keeping traffic is the other half. Content Marketing and Syndication consists of strategies to engage, inform, and educate your website visitors into loyal customers.

3O. Breaking Into The Industry – Would you like to work for a large company as an Internet marketing manager? Do you want to become a virtual assistant working from home? How about starting your own online business? This class will teach you where to start.

3P. Podcasting – A podcast is an episodic series of spoken word digital audio files that a user can download to a personal device for easy listening. They are also a great tool to build traffic and followers.

3Q. Final Exam – Semester 103 – The comprehensive test to get your own Certificate in Internet Marketing!

Each course will have various electives to choose from. Topics such as EBay,, ITunes, Advanced Blogging and many others will be offered. Students will be required to choose and complete a selection of electives to pass each course.