What’s it take to get started at IMTC?

If you already know you want to enroll, all you have to do is click Enroll and one of our admissions counselors will contact you immediately to get you signed up. In many cases you’ll be starting your studies within a few days . . . sometimes even the same day you enroll. You will be learning what it takes to have your own business on the Internet or you’ll be getting Internet skills to make yourself a valuable online service provider to other businesses.

Just Shopping?

We have quite a few ways for you to check us out.

  • You can request a school catalog that tells about the history of IMTC, the classes we offer and the tuition. We can mail it to you or you can immediately download it. Click here if you want one.
  • You can listen online or download an MP3 file to hear an informal teleclass describing what it’s like to attend IMTC. You can also attend a live call. We hold them once a week. Click here to listen in.
  • Our founder has had many success stories over the years. Read or listen to interviews with some of Tom’s past students . . . these are people just like you that wanted the “Internet Lifestyle” and got it by taking action. Click here to check them out.
  • Google our founder’s name “Tom Antion” and see the rich history he’s had selling things on the Internet. You’ll learn the exact same techniques he’s used to become an Internet Multi-Millionaire.
  • Simply call and ask to speak to an admissions counselor who will answer all your questions about attending IMTC.

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