Start or Improve your Business, or Create a New Career

Graduating from IMTC means you will 1.) be prepared to start a business on the Internet, . . . 2.) efficiently and inexpensively expand your existing offline business on the Internet . . . and/or 3.) become an important addition to the marketing/IT departments of other existing businesses.

Your Own Business
We don’t preach any get rich quick stuff at IMTC. We teach you how to build solid, low risk / high return web properties . . . we call them “Virtual Real Estate” . . . and you don’t even have to take out a mortgage! You will learn techniques that can give you a great cash flow so you aren’t always worrying about money and bills and how you’re going to buy that new fancy car or boat. PLUS, having lots of these low cost websites can create a great security for you and your family. Money can be coming in while you are vacationing or when you run into some of those nasty life issues like sickness, injury or unexpected expenses. We teach students how to work once . . . and get paid over and over and over.

Flexible schedule

When you get the skills that IMTC teaches you can often do Internet work part-time for other small businesses, while still keeping the stability and income of your current career. As your Internet income increases, it will be your choice if you want go full time on the Internet. This will allow you to use your Internet education as a way to legitimately work from home . . . or really . . . anywhere in the world so you never have to waste your life fighting traffic to commute to that dreaded J-O-B.

Some People Like Working for the Man
If you are not the type that likes staying home working for yourself, don’t forget . . . big businesses need you. They spend enormous amounts of money with outside web firms and marketing companies. This brings up two big opportunities for those that have the skills that IMTC teaches. 1.) You can work for outside web firms and marketing companies that service big businesses. Demand for these services has been increasing ever since the web has become an absolute essential part of every single large business on earth. 2.) You can work directly for large companies that are tired of paying the enormous fees that outside web and marketing firms charge.

Whatever route you choose, your education at IMTC can be put to good use.

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