Affiliate Program

Dear Prospective Affiliate / Referral Partner:

I’m so thrilled you are interested in becoming an affiliate/referral partner for the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia. We are dedicated to our students and we are dedicated to our affiliates and referral partners who put their reputations on the line by referring people to us. We will not let you down. The quality of our education is the number one priority at IMTC and we will never let one of your referrals, or any student fall through the cracks.

This is a high dollar program
We expect to send you large amounts of money when you actively recruit students for us. We expect some gung ho affiliates will be able to earn a full time living just from our referral commissions which will be in the thousands of dollars per referral. Our students pay approximately $9095.00 per semester or $19100.00 if they purchase the entire program at once. This means you will make approximately $1460.00 per referral per semester and $3800.00 per referral who takes our entire three semesters.

Traditional Mixed with Old School
The affiliate program for our school mixes traditional affiliate links and more “old school” phone calls and emails. Why is this? It’s because most students applying to an adult education facility don’t just click on a link and pay their tuition on line after reading an ad about the school. All of them will talk to our admissions counselors to discuss many issues about their potential attendance to our school. Because of the relatively large amounts of money involved, many students will take advantage of our flexible financing programs with different payment schedules to accommodate different student budgets.

Because of this it’s difficult to tell you exactly the rate at which you will receive affiliate payments from us. The total amounts due to you are pretty easy to calculate (20% of the student’s tuition), but when you get paid isn’t so easy to tell you. Let me explain.

We’ve got strict rules to follow
Because of very strict State and Federal regulations on student refunds for students who do not complete our courses, we are required to have a schedule that allows a student to withdraw at any time up to a certain point in their studies and get a refund for the unused part of their training. Because of this we must withhold affiliate payments until a student has reached certain milestones in their training. In other words when we have earned and collected the money from the student and the student is not due a refund for their training, then we can confidently pay our affiliates based on the schedule below which is taken directly from our State approved student catalog.


All student refund requests must be submitted within 45 days of their withdrawal date.

Proportion of Total Program
Taught by Withdrawal Date
Tuition Refund
Less than 10% 90% of program cost
Between 11% and 25% 75% of program cost
Between 26% and 50% 50% of program cost
Between 51% and 75% 25% of program cost
75% or more No Refund


You will get paid and paid well from us. We just want you to realize that there will be some delays until your first payments come in. Once you get a “pipeline” of referrals coming in, then you won’t even notice the delay.

The next thing to address is the fact that few students will simply click on a link on your site and pay immediately. What is more likely to happen is that they click on a link on your site to get a career guide from us and then they call one of our admissions counselors who will be trained to ask where the person heard of us.

If you are an experienced affiliate, you know that no affiliate program tracks perfectly and expecting people to remember exactly where they were and whose site they clicked on is not very accurate. That’s why we have implemented the “referral” part of the program.

Not a mass market program
We don’t really expect our affiliate program to be a mass market kind of program where hundreds of affiliates sign up and drive traffic to a link in hopes of getting a small affiliate commission for selling a product. That’s all easily trackable and not what this program is about.

Because of the large amounts of money involved, we expect most successful affiliates for our school will be more proactive. We expect that they will make some kind of personal contact with the prospective student. We expect they will enthusiastically endorse the training and the reputation of the school and we expect them to tell our affiliate manager about their referral so they absolutely get credit if their referral signs up with our school.

If this interests you, then please go ahead and sign up as an affiliate below. Over the next month or so we will be creating tools for you to use to help you promote the school. After you register, you can immediately start telling people about the school and reporting to your affiliate manager the name(s) of your referrals.

Sign up here to register as an affiliate and we can’t wait to send you large commission checks.


Tom Antion, Founder