As the economic outlook changes the way companies do business, there will be new options for businesses and workers alike
on how we access our staff and their duties. More and more businesses are looking to either virtual assistance, outsourcing
or work-from-home staffers to accomplish the business tasks they need without the added expense of office space, office
equipment, utility bills and benefits. Learning from home is a similar concept. Distance education gives schools the freedom
of a larger student body without the added expenses. It's a win/win for everyone.

For stay at home mothers or even people on disabilities, working from home gives them the freedom to easily access the
workforce and be a part of the system instead of a drain on it. They become a valuable asset to the workforce in general
while providing an important service to businesses that need a larger profit margin. Doing more and offering more to their
customers while at the same time saving on expenses gives businesses the ability to not only stay afloat, but compete more
effectively, increasing their bottom line. When a company can streamline and keep more of their employees, it's good for

Distance education is not only more affordable and just as inclusive academically as a traditional education, it gets the
student used to working at home. They set up the space, privacy, software and equipment they need to have a rewarding
educational experience and the set up for a stay at home work environment. If the idea of working from home excites you,
it should. It will be more and more the wave of our employment future. With the quickly advancing technologies that make
working from home a reality, you can be learning and earning from the comfort of your own living room.

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