Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia
Homeschooling Scholarship Essay Contest

(Please carefully read this entire page)

Essay Deadline:  11:59 PM Eastern, March 22nd 2019

Orientation Deadline: March 13th and 14th, 2019
(IT'S NOT TOO LATE. You must attend one of the 4 orientation sessions 1:30 to 3:00 PM and 6:30 to 8:00 PM each day)

Amount: (2) Full Scholarships $19,100.00 (10) $10,000.00 Scholarships (20) $5,000.00 Scholarships – $238,200.00 will be awarded to 32 winners

Who can Apply: You must be homeschooled and live in the Hampton Roads / Tidewater area and be between the ages of 12 and 22 (Note: ages 12-18 require parental consent)

Our Founder says,
“I never met a homeschooled kid I didn’t like”

Internet Multimillionaire Tom Antion has been saying for years, “I never met a homeschooled person that wasn’t high above the average on brains, ambition and politeness.” He’s decided to help as many homeschooled young people as he can pursue a valuable and in demand skill in their pursuit of higher education.

IMTC is Truly Unique

The Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia is the only licensed, dedicated Internet marketing school in the country (probably the world). It’s an asynchronous distance learning school. “Asynchronous” means you can do your lessons any time day or night. It is certified to operate by SCHEV – The State Council on Higher Education in Virginia.

Highly Marketable Skills

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty said that, “Employers can't find the skilled workers they need even though job openings are at near record highs.”

CNBC said, “Vocational schools are the forefront of preparing students for the 21st century workforce.”

Internet skills are in high demand. Every business on earth depends on and must have email, social media, websites, blogs, videos, shopping carts, message bots, podcasts and a myriad of other things to keep the business competitive. People with these skills are needed in every single business which makes for an unlimited job market. In addition, these same skills can be used in an entrepreneurial fashion to start your own business. Many people do both. They work for other companies in the beginning and do their own Internet business as a “side hustle” until that business overtakes their income as an employee.

All of The Good and None of the Bad

Internet Skill Distance Learning Pros and Cons


  • Highly marketable skills in 6 months to one year.
  • No cost for books.
  • Reasonable tuition that we finance in house with zero interest and no credit check.
  • Students get in the job market faster potentially saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost wages, living costs, and tuition.
  • You’ll have the ability to start your own business and / or work part time in the field before graduating.
  • No cap on earning potential.
  • Can be done concurrently with other degree granting programs.
  • Can both study and legitimately earn from home with no time and money wasted commuting.
  • No exposure to drugs, alcohol, mindless partying and other bad influences.
  • No exposure to other campus dangers like active shooters, date rape, and indoctrination pressures from other students and faculty.


  • We don’t know of any.

Contest Rules and Eligibility Requirements

Entrants must:

  • Be between 12 and 22 years of age (Note: ages 12-18 require parental consent).
  • Be homeschooled, or have been homeschooled.
  • Live in the Hampton Roads / Tidewater Area.
  • Watch or listen to the higher education webinar shown near the bottom of this page in its entirety.
  • Attend (with parents if under 18 years of age) one of four presentations at our school in Virginia Beach conducted by our founder, Tom Antion. Dates: Wednesday, March 13th, 1:30 to 3:00 pm or 6:30 to 8:00 pm, Thursday, March 14th, 1:30 to 3:00 pm or 6:30 to 8:00 pm. Location: 498 S. Independence Blvd. Virginia Beach, 23452 (GPS is a little flaky in the area. It’s the first building just south of Mt. Trashmore. Plenty of free parking) For complete directions, click here.
  • Supply a 500 words or less essay by 11:59 PM Eastern March 22nd with the title / topic “What a Scholarship to Would Mean to Me and My Family”. Essay should be supplied in a body of an email (no attachments) sent to the email addresses above.
  • Two age groups will be considered: 12 to 16 and 17 to 22. Age groups will be determined by entrant's chronological age as of March 14th, 2019.
  • One (1) full scholarship valued at $19,100.00 will be awarded in each age group. Five (5) $10,000.00 scholarships for each age group, and Ten (10) $5,000.00 scholarships for each age group.
  • Winners will be chosen and notified via email and posted on this page by March 29th.
  • Winners agree their likeness and essay can be posted on this site and used in promotional material for the school.

Questions about the Contest? Contact Tom: with CC to 
Tom's cell 301-346-7403


Higher Education: Is College Really Worth It

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Tom looks forward to meeting
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