You Can Work from Anywhere

Let's say you have a job where you live now. You go to work every day and you are a great employee. As soon as you get your PCS Orders, workwise things can go off the rails. You have to quit and even though your workplace might give you a glowing recommendation letter, your income stops. During the entire transition period things are hectic and no paycheck is coming in. At your new duty station, it might be a long time before you can find a new job. . . . If you can can find one at all.

None of this occurs if you're working online. Let's say you're blogging, running social media, doing online customer service, and email marketing for a company. All of this can still be done without missing a beat, and you can keep your same job and keep continuous income coming in. . . . That sure beats bouncing around from job to job.

Walk the Dog

Let's say you started a Dog Walking business in your local area. And let's say you built it up to the point where it's creating a great income. As soon as you get your orders, that business is pretty much over. You lose your clients and you'd have to start from scratch in your new location. Plus, that kind of business would be pretty hard to sell.

If you built up an online services business, you don't miss a beat. Clients using your services don't care if you live across town, across the country, or somewhere else in the world. You keep your business growing and you don't lose any money during the transition.

An online business keeps the money coming in wherever you are!

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