Welcome Friends and Colleagues of Joan Stewart
AKA “The Publicity Hound”

We have an exclusive opportunity for a select few publicity professionals. The Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia is looking for 4 experts to spread the word about the great training we have to offer.

We are looking for a specialist in each of the following areas:

  • Print publicity
  • Radio publicity
  • TV publicity and
  • Online publicity

In return for dedicating 10-15 hours per week to publicizing the new school and it's founder….that's me…. Tom Antion…. you will receive a scholarship to our school valued at $9,100.00 and direct access to me for Internet questions which other regular students will not have. People in my mentor program pay me $58,000.00 to have access to me and my staff for a year so this should be a very valuable bonus for you. You will also get a full day one-on-one time with me at my Retreat Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia which is valued at $20,000.00

Your work for me will be a piece of cake if you're good at what you do.
Currently we are the only dedicated and licensed Internet marketing school in the country and I am considered an excellent media guest having done over 1000 radio Interviews and many TV and Print interviews. So, this should be an easy job for someone who knows what they are doing.

I may accept more than one person for each specialty.
If I get buried with great candidates, I may consider scholarships for more than one person per specialty so long as they can coordinate their work so we are not duplicating efforts.

Remember you will be attending a distance learning school.
You can attend the school at your leisure….even in the middle of the night if you wish. But YOU MUST ATTEND. We are scrutinized heavily by the State Council for Higher Education of Virginia and if you don't do your assignments, you will be put on academic probation and eventually expelled which will end our relationship. So, please don't take this offer lightly.

The Internet Lifestyle
Should you be interested in learning more about the kind of life myself and Joan have been living for many years click here (when you read the page, substitute tennis for me instead of Xbox hahaha)

To Apply
Email orders@antion.com with a copy to tomantion@gmail.com

Tell me your field of expertise and experience. You can send a resume/cv if you want, but it's not necessary. Also tell me what you want to accomplish on the Internet.

Please give me your phone number and best times to call. I will most likely set up an appointment with you via email so we aren't playing phone tag.


Tom Antion

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