You made a great decision checking out our referral program for educators!

You can earn a significant amount of money just because of who you are and your place in the higher education arena. Plus, you can do a lot of good for students and families.

We're sure you're aware of the massive student debt crisis. And most likely, you're also aware of increasing tuition coupled with the declining quality of college and university education. This puts students in the highly unenvious position of graduating with enormous debt, but few marketable skills.

We say, “They're forced to compete for jobs at Starbucks”.

With your unique position as an educator, you have access and regularly interface with young adults and families that are trying to decide what to do about college. You may even have occasion to talk to businesspeople about how our school could help their business. You'll be able to give them an alternative that could save them a fortune and pretty much guarantee a good career for their children or even a prospect of starting their own business.


In the past we've actually had more adults in our school than young people. These adults were either interested in starting their own online business or adding an online portion to an existing business. This fact gives you an even broader market to earn referral commissions.


Our program is perfect for physically challenged people. Not only can they study from home, they can legitimately work from home. This is a wonderful way to help out the disabled community.


We happen to be based in an area with one of the largest collections of military families in the world. The unfortunate part about that is military spouses have to take crappy jobs because the employers know they will be leaving in a couple of years.

Then they move and have to take other crappy jobs at their new location for the same reason. Having the “portable” skills our school teaches, fixes this problem.

If a military family member is working remotely for a company, the company doesn't care if the person is 3, 300 or 3000 miles away. As long as the job gets done, everyone is happy.


To be true to our school, we are following somewhat of a traditional online and well established Internet marketing method. You will be an affiliate of the school. This means you simply refer people to the school and get paid a commission if they enroll.

You can do this in conjunction with any other jobs you have or get so long as you don't perceive a conflict of interest.

In traditional online marketing, you are normally paid your commission after the refund period has passed. Because we are a State-regulated school, in our method, you would be paid when students reach certain milestones in their training. We must follow the guidelines set out by the State of Virginia on student refunds. This is also outlined in our school catalog.

For instance, if a student completes 10% of his/her classes, the school has now earned 10% of the student's tuition. You would then get your commission based on 10% of that student's paid tuition. When the student completes 50% of their studies, the school has now earned 50% of the tuition and so forth.

If you are regularly sending students to us, this can add up to a lot of recurring money for you. We'll go over the commission structure further below.


The philosophy of this school is that we want to appreciate, and help in any way we can, those individuals that risk their lives to keep us safe. We give a 50% scholarship to Veterans, Active Duty Military, First Responders, Law Enforcement and Nurses. This also includes their immediate families.

For you, this represents an additional massive market for your referrals. We also guarantee that no military family will pay more than $97 per month on any tuition balance they have with us.

The only thing we cannot give referral fees on is our Department of Defense Military Spouse Program. DOD specifically prohibits giving incentives for referrals to that program.

This does NOT cut out the entire military spouse market because the program only pertains to military spouses at lower rank levels. Full details of this program are at


In traditional online affiliate programs, people click on a specific link that's tracked to you. In the higher education field, no one is going to simply click on a link and plunk down a massive tuition payment. We're not talking about simply buying an e-book here.

You would submit your referral via e-mail to the school along with the contact information of your referral, and a brief synopsis of what you discussed with them. They should know the nature of the school, what's expected of them, and the tuition. You should also know how they plan to pay for their education.


Now let's get to the good part.

For regular admissions, the tuition is $19,100. Your commission is $3,800.

For Military, law enforcement, first responders, nurses, and their immediate families, the tuition is $9,500. Your commission is $1,900. Payouts will be the following week after the school has actually earned the commission as outlined above.


According to the State, our school is considered vocational. It was founded 12 years ago by Tom Antion, a multi-millionaire Internet marketer who has been selling online since the commercial Internet started circa 1994.

Our school is NOT high volume. It's super high quality. Mr. Antion is such a stickler for quality he has the staff update the curriculum in this rapidly moving field weekly. No school we know of anywhere does that.

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Please arrange a call with our founder by emailing with three days and times you can be available to speak. Evenings and weekends are ok, as well as regular business hours. If you don't get a response within 24 hours, text 301-346-7403.

We look forward to sending you BIG referral checks. You can be sure we will treat your referrals like GOLD.