Persons with Physical Disabilities (pilot program)

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The Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia is starting a pilot training program for people with physical disabilities. Our school specializes in high-quality distance learning so no travel is necessary. We are looking for three candidates to participate in our training program teaching Internet Marketing skills which are in high demand by virtually every company in existence.

Upon successful completion of the program, job placement assistance will be provided along with help in starting an online business.

Our founder has always felt this school is perfect for people with physical disabilities because not only can they learn from home, they can legitimately work from home.

The perfect candidate for this pilot program:

  • Is good with a computer.
  • Must be fluent in English.
  • Is physically disabled making traveling to school and eventually traveling to a job extremely burdensome.
  • Has a modern computer and cell phone with a good Internet connection.
  • Is Interested in marketing, social media, and online business.
  • Does not want to depend on government assistance.
  • Wants the opportunity to create their own income with no limits on how much they can earn.
  • Is willing to assist in promoting a crowdfunding campaign to help fund the program.
  • Must file a weekly report of their progress in the program.
  • Must provide pictures, videos, and comments to promote the program to future physically disabled candidates.

Minimum Time and Accomplishment Requirements to stay in good standing:

4 completed lessons per week (can be done in 4 to 8 hours per week). Gung ho students can move faster, but no certificate of completion can be issued in less than six months of training.


There are no costs involved in attending the school. Any lessons requiring software or services can be accomplished with free trials. No books need to be purchased. All training material is available and updated constantly online. If a candidate would want to use lessons to actually start their own business, the expenses would be their responsibility. 

Our founder grew up extremely frugal and knows many ways to keep costs extremely low. Typical expenses if the candidate chooses to start their own business:

  • Website Hosting: 10-$15 / mo. (optional if Candidate chooses a “No Website” business model.)
  • Professional Website Building Service Software $19/mo billed annually (optional if Candidate chooses a “No Website” business model.)
  • Professional Shopping Cart and Email Broadcast/Autoresponder System $39 -$129 per month (optional if Candidate chooses a “No Website” business model.)

Minimum Equipment and Software Requirements: (responsibility of the candidate)

  • Modern Computer with webcam (Mac or PC)
  • Any specific computer access equipment related to their disability
  • Modern Cell phone (iPhone or Android)
  • Wordprocessing software
  • Email capability

Candidate agrees If they would drop out for any reason, the balance of the funds raised would be passed on in a partial scholarship to another physically disabled candidate.

To Apply:

Candidates would send via email a 500 words or less essay of why they would be a good candidate for the program and what it would mean to their life along with how they would assist in telling the world about the program. Send to: with a cc to and

About the School

The Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia is a boutique low volume distance learning school founded 13 years ago by Internet Multimillionaire Tom Antion. Tom has been selling on the commercial Internet since it started circa 1994 and only teaches highly tested techniques in demand by all businesses both large and small.

Upon completion of the pilot program, grants will be solicited to increase the size of the program to help more persons with disabilities gain employment and financial independence.

The school is certified to operate by SCHEV, The State Council on Higher Education in Virginia.